Important Statistics

Matrix of Social Accounts of Egyptian Economics
   Matrix of Social Accounts
   Tables of Social Accounts

Child's poverty in Egypt
9.2 million children live in monetary poverty in Egypt .

National Accounts
The Central Agency for Public Mobilization And Statistics has released the second issue of Supply - Use tables and Input - Output tables for year 2010/2011 within the framework of National Accounts System.  

Consumer Prices
Total Republic price index for June 2016 reached to 189.9 registered annually increases 14.8% compared with June 2015.

Labour Force
Labour force size reached to 27.7 million individual 4th quarter year 2014.

Foreign Trade
Trade balance for Sep. 2015 billion L.E.
Export value: 11.123 Imports: 40.612

Manufacturing Industries
Manufacturing industries indexes(ISIC3)
Manufacturing industries indexes(ISIC4)

Food Commodity Prices
Average consumer prices for main important food commodities for July 2015.

Building Materials Prices(Retail)
Average price of Steel linen 4984.70 pounds per ton in July 2015

Tourism 3.8% increase of tourism in Feb. 2015 .